Sales Customer Service Director

Job responsibility:

1. Complete the comprehensive indicators of sales customer service team of Business Department according to the requirements;
2. Formulate and improve the standards of customer service quality in the campus as required, ensure the process of service, standardization and management supervision;
3.Be familiar with campus business workflow, analyze business data and provide solutions;
4. Be responsible for the improvement and optimization of the sales and customer service system of the business department, personnel echelon training and conveying;
5. Improve the satisfaction of students, improve the review system of students and customer complaint handling;
6. Maintain good communication and collaboration across departments;
7. 7.Finish other work assigned by the superior.


1. 1.Be familiar with the working process of sales and customer service team, have more than 5 years of management experience or more than 3 years of campus operation management experience;
2. Have management experience in building large teams and process system projects, be able to effectively motivate employee to improve efficiency and enhance brand service reputation;
3. Be self-driven, results-oriented, enthusiastic, positive, responsible, have strong learning ability and affinity;
4. Have bachelor degree or above, be familiar with the current development status of K12 industry and have a deep understanding of the development of K12 field.

Marketing director

Job responsibility:

1、Be responsible for the overall marketing management of the business division;
2、Be responsible for the management of annual signing indicators of Business Department;
3、Be responsible for the management of annual payment collection indicators of Business Department;
4、Be responsible for team management of Business Department;
5、Cooperate with the early marketing work of Business Department;
6、6.Be responsible for the promotion strategy management of projects under the jurisdiction of Business Department;


1、Full date junior college + unlimited form undergraduate (with degree obtained) Bachelor degree or above;
2、Have at least 3 years experience as the city marketing leader of a well-known real estate company;
3、Have experience in managing multiple projects;
4、Age 35 or younger, no gender preference;