Warehousing Plan
Transport management
Overall Flowchart
  • 01

    Warehouse planning scheme

The whole warehouse is divided into three areas: goods storage shelf area, functional area and channel.

The functional area include:
packing and sorting area, out/in cache area, check-waiting area, pending area, packing area, etc..

Warehouse area planar graph (omitted)

  • 02

    Organizational structure

  • 03

    Equipment deployment

WMS system support, TMS system support, temperature and humidity meter, exhaust fan, refrigeration, heating, humidifier, battery forklift, other auxiliary equipment, etc..

  • 04

    Warehouse management

Management elements:

Standard Operation Paper:(SOP):

Item Sheet of Daily Inspection of Warehouse
Work Instruction on Daily Cleaning of Warehouse
Work Instruction on Daily Maintenance of goods
Work Instruction on Daily Maintenance of Warehouse Equipment
Work instruction on Warehouse Inventory
Instruction on Warehouse 5S Management
Temperature and Humidity Record Table of Constant-Temperature Warehouse

  • 05

    Out-of-warehouse Management

Flowchart of out-of-warehouse management:

Standard Operation Paper:

Sorting SOPDelivery                                                                                Operation SOP

  • 06

    Report generation

Daily Receipt and Delivery Record List                                                   goods Inventory Record Table
Logistics Center Operation Report                                                          Inventory Analysis Report
Settlement Checking sheet

  • 07

    Value-added services

incoming inspection, outgoing packing, purchasing revision, bar code operation, collection of payment for goods, warranty claims, delivery upstairs, etc

  • Distribution Process

  • In-transit Feedback

  • Emergency Treatment

  • Quality Standards