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    Logistics System



With the development of modern economy, logistics is developing rapidly.The traditional organization and operation mode of the first and second party logistics can no longer fully meet the needs of the society. On the other hand, in order to improve competitiveness and reduce logistics costs, enterprises usually choose to outsource logistics activities. The third party logistics came into being.
Relying on its own advantages, the third party logistics can provide customers with professional, flexible and diverse logistics services, improve the efficiency of logistics distribution, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, effectively reduce logistics costs so as to create more economic benefits.

  • door to door highway transportation

  • Multi-modal transportation by sea, road, air and rail (domestic and foreign freight forwarder)

  • Bulky cargo transportation (consultation and design of transportation schemes)

  • Refrigerated transportation and distribution

  • Cargo insurance agency



Since the e-commerce is a hot commercial model nowadays, various peripheral equipment and supporting facilities related to the e-commerce model have gradually attracted attention. There is no doubt that, for e-commerce, warehousing is the core part of the whole e-commerce process. No matter it is the import and export management of materials and products, or the logistics distribution link, must be matched up with the whole process through the warehouse. Therefore, as a central location of e-commerce model, warehouse management, especially smart warehouse, plays a great role in the whole supply chain.

  • B2C warehouse management outsourcing
    (warehousing quality inspection, putaway, sorting and packaging etc)

  • B2C courier service outsourcing
    (express company selection, sheet printing, tracking and returning service etc)

  • Providing pre-warehouse and warehousing outsourcing services for the regional central warehouses of B2C platforms such as Vipshop and JD

  • B2C report management of inventory system



Warehousing distribution is to provide enterprises with a full range of third party warehousing distribution management services, setting goods warehousing, order management and logistics distribution as a whole. Relaying on the global advanced and SAP-framework integrated management system of express and warehousing as well as the years of logistics management experience and delivery channels, the enterprise realizes the refinement of goods warehousing management, the standardization of order management, the specialization of order tracking system, as well as the accuracy and efficiency of distribution, so that the enterprises can reduce the logistics management cost and delivery cost.

  • Providing 5S standard management of room temperature warehousing services

  • Providing in-warehouse services such label production, distribution processing, sorting and packaging, loading and unloading for goods in the warehouse

  • Providing WMS system matching service, inventory report management, and printing service of goods quality inspection report etc

  • Warehouse project management, providing one-on-one exclusive customer service and 24-hour on-site video monitoring



Value-added logistics service is based on the basic functions of logistics, to provide a variety of extended business activities according to customer needs.
The increasingly competitive market environment not only requires logistics enterprises to have more stringent service quality in traditional transport and warehousing services; but also requires them to significantly expand their logistics operations and provide as many value-added services as possible.

  • Providing on-site logistics specialist (team) to assist customers with logistics plan consulting and design throughout the whole period

  • Providing on-site shifting, moving and lifting service etc. for bulky cargoes (special equipment)

  • Providing services such as barcode design and printing, packaging replacement, assembly and processing (standard process)